Newest FarmVille Podcast Reveals Upcoming Features

Fri, May 28, 2010

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Zynga has released the newest FarmVille podcast, and in it, we learned some things about features that are going to be coming to the game in the future.

First, the Crafting buildings that made a temporary appearance in the store will be released in full in the “coming weeks.” We took a look at these items during a sneak peek we were given in the store. The podcast lets us know that when Crafting is released, you’ll be able to use Bushels of crops from your Farmers market to make new goods that can be traded with friends.
Next, a new settings menu will be released that will allow you to turn animations, harvest indicators, menu popping and high quality graphics on and off.
Also, “insta-grow” will be coming to the game. It will allow you to instantly grow your all the crops on your land with a by-plane. Along with this, another co-op farming job will be released.
Lastly, a new cow will be released. It will be available for coins, but we’ll have to “work for it just a little bit.”
Here’s the full podcast, if you want to hear the Tip of the Week or the user submitted questions that are also included.

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