New YoVille Movie Sets Represent Epic Romances, Fantasy Films & More

Fri, Jun 11, 2010

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The YoVille Hollywood Movie Set of items has expanded to 86, with the release of smaller sets of items representing new film genres. The three new genres represent are Manhattan (King Kong), Fantasy (vine covered buildings, muted colors), and Epic Romance. Not to be confused with the regular “Romance” set, these Epic Romance items are much paler in color, and resemble things that you would see in Gone with the Wind, among other tragic love stories.

As with the other items in the movie sets theme, these items are mostly flat, meaning that you’ll have to arrange the items carefully to make sure they are given the proper depth.

Meanwhile, there are more basic film set pieces available to purchase, including a Powder Room table and chair, Boom Mic, and even a Prep Stage.

Have you created any of your own movie sets in your home using these new items? If not, but you’d like to, head over to the game’s page on Facebook to start shopping for all you need to create some movie magic in the game.

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