New YoVille Collectibles: Rabbit Hole and Sand Timer

Fri, Mar 12, 2010

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If you’re someone with refined tastes, who likes only the finest items both in life and in your virtual game worlds, you’ll be happy to know that Zynga has released two limited time only, exclusive collectibles to the YoVille furniture store.

Both items fit in the Whimsical (or Alice in Wonderland) theme of items. The first, a Whimsical Rabbit Hole, comes with a price tag of 23 YoCash, and the following caption: “Don’t get too close to this interactive rabbit hole, or you might get sucked in.”

The other half of the duo, a Whimsical XL Sand Timer, is available to those who wish to spend coins instead, being priced at a whopping 19,000 coins. It too seems to be interactive, with its caption saying that you can “click this large timer and watch the sand inside run down.”

The sand timer comes with a time limit of its own, making it only available for the next 11 days, but whether the rabbit hole will be available for a longer or shorter amount of time than that remains to be seen, as it is without such an expiration date.

Either way, head over to the YoVille furniture store if you’d like to add one of these new collectibles to your collection.

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