New YoVille Collectibles: Luxury Bling Hot Tub & More

Wed, May 19, 2010

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The last set of YoVille collectibles has expired from the store, and has been replaced with not two, but three new items. All three expire in the next two weeks, and you’ll need all of that time to save up the coins necessary to buy one of the three items.

Of the three, only the Luxury Gold BBall Hoop goes for coins, at a price of 17,500, to be exact. It appears to solely be a decorative item, as hovering over it does nothing to indicate that it is animated.

The other two items fit in with the current Luxury item theme we’ve seen elsewhere in the game’s Furniture and Clothing Stores. The Luxury Bling Hot Tub goes for 21 YoCash, and is an interactive item allowing you to “sit in [the] tub if you have a swimsuit.” The other item, the Luxury Bling Bouncy Castle goes for slightly more YoCash, at a price of 25. It too can be interacted with, as hovering over the item lets us know that you can “click [on it] to get on and bounce away.”

Feel like adding these items to your in-game collection? Head over to the game’s Furniture Store to start shopping.

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