New Tiki Farm Items: Smoothie Stand, Chicken & Instant Growth Charm

Tue, Jun 1, 2010

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An assortment of new items have been added to Tiki Farm over the past few days – here’s a short rundown of each.

First and foremost, a new Charm has been released in the game that will allow you to save tons of time in growing and harvesting your crops. The Charm is called the Instant Growth Charm, and you can purchase one for 99 Facebook Credits from the game’s store. The Charm, as the name suggests will make all of your crops ready to harvest instantly. Unlike most Charms, however, there is no option to send this item from the Free Gifts page, so if you’d like the convenience that it offers, you’d better prepare to pay for it.

Second, an additional animal has been added to the game, alongside the Cow. The Chicken is now available for 1,000 shells, so long as you are level 11 or above. Just like the Cow’s accommodations could be upgraded to provide more shelter and so on for the Cow, so too can the Chicken stall be upgraded.

Finally, you can now purchase a new workshop in the form of a Smoothie Stand. The Smoothie Stand costs 4,000 shells to purchase, and will allow you to put Pineapples inside of it to create Pineapple Smoothies. The Smoothie Stand itself can also be upgraded. Once you place it on your farm, you’ll be able to upgrade the stand to produce items worth more shells and to work faster. The first upgrade sees the item going from a Smoothie Stand to a Tiki Bar for 20,000 coins, but you’ll need to have at least 9 neighbors in the game in order to purchase it.

If you’ve been running out of things to do in Tiki Farm, these three new features/items are sure to give you plenty to do, at least until Playdom can release more new toys and items to play with in the game. In the meantime, head over to the game’s store to see any of these new items in action.

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