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Fri, Jun 15, 2012

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Can a browser game be story-driven? That seems to be the question being asked by uCool, a TriplePoint client and the company behind Tynon. Coming this summer to several web browsers, Tynon is claiming to be “the first truly story-driven social game” and “a unique blend of action, role-playing, social and strategy gameplay.” So there’s that particular gauntlet thrown down. Any takers?

Seems like a story-driven game ought to have a good story, so, let’s hear it. From the press release:

In Tynon, the King has come under the affliction of a dark wizard’s spell and it’s up to players to help the elite knight Rosaline and a band of heroes to rescue the king and save the thirteen kingdoms from the dark wizard’s magic. The lands continue to burn while wicked goblins roam free, serpent queens plague Verdant City, and the kingdom is threatened by disaster and slavery.

Players must also help Rosaline rebuild the Imperial City to its former glory. With the cooperative ability to enlist the aid of friends from Facebook and other social networks, players can upgrade and customize their cities and gain resources by visiting neighboring towns. Hundreds of quests will be available to earn more resources, gold and gems to upgrade your city, armor and battle skills.

Possessed king: check. Imperiled kingdoms: check. Plucky knight: check. I could get behind that. Here, have a trailer!

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