New Social City LE Buildings: Trailer Community and Olympic Swimming Pool

Fri, Jul 9, 2010

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There are two new limited edition buildings available to purchase in the Social City newspaper. The two items are quite different, being at totally opposite ends of the spectrum.

First, we have the Olympic Swimming Pool, which is a large item, taking up a 3×3 square area of land. It can be purchased for 49 City Bucks, and you’ll earn 608 experience points for purchasing it. As a leisure item, it will give your town 60,000 more Happiness Points, allowing you to add loads of citizens to your town before they become upset due to lack of activities.

Meanwhile, the Trailer Community is a residential item, which offers 2,000 citizens to your town every two days. It costs just 15 City Bucks to build, and is smaller than the Swimming Pool, taking up a 2×2 square area of land. You’ll earn 130 experience points for purchasing the item.

As limited edition items, these two options will only be around for a limited amount of time. At the time of this writing, the Trailer Community will be available to around the next 10,000 users, while the Olympic Swimming Pool is much more limited, at around 5,800 remaining units. Head over to the game’s page to purchase either building before they sell out.

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