New Social City Items: Solar Home 2, Italian Vineyard 3 & More

Tue, Jun 8, 2010

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The trio of limited edition buildings found in the Social City newspaper has been updated since we last spoke – in fact, all three items have been switched out for new options, in the form of an Italian Vineyard 3, a Solar Home 2, and a Napoleonic Palace.

To start, the Italian Vineyard 3 (named as such because it is the third vineyard building we’ve seen in the game over the past few weeks) is a Leisure building, giving off 22,000 Happiness Points when added to your town. It costs just 19 City Bucks to build.

Meanwhile, the Solar Home 2 (again, named as such because another Solar Home object came before it) is a Residential item, meaning that instead of Happiness Points, it will give new citizens to your town’s population count, in this case at a rate of 1,200 citizens every 2 days. It costs 19 City Bucks to purchase.

Finally, the Napoleonic Palace is a substantial item, taking up a 3×3 area of land. Like the Italian Vineyard 3, the Palace is a Leisure item, giving off a whopping 60,000 Happiness Points to your town, should you choose to purchase it for 59 City Bucks.

As these buildings are limited edition, you’ll need to head over to the game’s page sooner, rather than later, to make sure you don’t miss your chance at purchasing one or all of them. As of this writing, the Napoleonic Palace is the most limited item, with just over 3,000 units available.

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