New Social City Items: Queen Anne Home, Dirt Lot & More

Fri, May 14, 2010

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Playdom has released more new items in Social City this week, with the limited edition Basketball Stadium being removed and replaced by a new structure, and with new items in both the Residential and Terrain sections of the game’s store.

The first item is a limited edition item that comes in the form of a Queen Anne Home. You’ll find it alongside the other limited edition items in the game’s newspaper, which should appear automatically when you first log into the game. As the building is obviously a residential structure, you can expect to earn 1,250 citizens from it everyday, after your purchase and build the home for 19 City Bucks.

Moving on, you’ll find the other items within the game proper, with a second offering being available in the A-Frame House line – this new structure is appropriately titled A-Frame House 2. You’ll need 50,000 coins to add this home to your city, at which point you’ll start to earn 800 citizens from it every 2 days.

Over in the Terrain section, you’ll find numerous items that will allow you to create your own Dirt Lot in the game, should you wish to add more realism to the outlying or industrial sectors of your city. The Dirt Lot pieces go for 500 – 2,000 coins, so it wouldn’t cost much to create a fairly expansive area of it, should you so choose.

As usual, as the limited edition item, the Queen Anne Home is available only in limited quantities, while the other items look to be permanent additions to the game. Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to add nay of them to your town.

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