New Social City Items: Modern Mansion & Tennis Stadium

Wed, Jun 9, 2010

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Two new limited edition buildings have cycled into the newspaper in Social City. One item will offer you a slew of citizens everyday, while the other continues in Playdom’s sports-centric stadium theme.

For the Residential building, the Modern Mansion is now available to purchase for 29 City Bucks. It is a 2×2 structure that offers your town 550 new citizens every 4 hours. For building the Mansion, you’ll receive an experience point bonus of 295 points.

Meanwhile the Tennis Stadium is a larger structure, taking up a 3×3 area of land (or nine squares total), and as such, comes with a higher price tag to match at 65 City Bucks. For that price, this Leisure building will grant your town a 60,000 Happiness Point boost. Considering the stadium’s price, the experience point boost for purchasing the item is also much larger than that of the Mansion, as you’ll receive 916 experience points for adding the stadium to your town.

As of this writing, the Stadium is the more limited of the two items, with just over 4,300 units remaining available, to the Mansion’s stock of over 6,700. While there are still a few thousand Stadiums left, history has taught us that sports themed items sell out in the game pretty quickly (as an example, think back to the Basketball Stadium, which was so popular that Playdom re-released it in the game), so you’ll want to be especially quick about heading over to the game’s page to pick up the Tennis Stadium, should it interest you.

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