New Social City Items: MegaCorp Tower, Golf Course 7 & More

Wed, May 19, 2010

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Playdom’s newest Social City update sees the release of four new items in the game. Luckily for us, three are available as permanent additions to the game, via the game’s store, while the fourth is a limited edition item, and is thus found in the game’s newspaper that appears upon logging into the game.

To start with the limited edition item, you’ll now find that the Golf Course 7 piece is available to purchase for 29 City Bucks. Why 7? Remember, Golf Course 1-6 have been available for some time via the game’s free gifts menu, so this is an added item in that series. As a leisure item, it adds 6,000 Happiness Points to your town. If you’d like one, you’ll have to beat (as of this writing) 19,000 other users to purchasing one, before they sell out.

Meanwhile, in the Leisure section of the game’s store you’ll find the other three items. The first two, appropriately titled Small Office Building 1 and Small Office Building 2 are available for 50,000 and 60,000 coins, respectively. Building 1 gives off 2,800 Happiness Points to your town, while Building 2 offers 3,000 points.

Continue scrolling through the Leisure section and you’ll find the final item, the MegaCorp Tower, waiting at the very end. It is unlocked to users at level 32, and costs a staggering 1.4 million coins to build (that’s 1,400,000 coins). But you receive a lot for your large purchase price – not only do you receive your building bonus of 5,600 experience points, but the MegaCorp Tower gives off 40,000 Happiness Points to your town.

Again, the only item that you’ll need to be in a rush to purchase is Golf Course 7, as the other items aren’t limited edition. Still, head over to the game’s page to add any of these items to your town.

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