New Social City Buildings: Observatory, Wishing Fountain and… UFOs?

Tue, Jul 6, 2010

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There are five new items available in Social City, all of which can be found on the front page of the New City Gazette, the game’s newspaper that loads each time you enter the game.

These buildings are limited edition buildings, meaning that they will only be available to a certain amount of people (in this case, all are available to at least 3,000 people, as of this writing). So what are they?

First, we have the A-Co Industrial Group building, a large structure, taking up a 3×3 square area of land. It can be purchased for 49 City Bucks, and it offers 60,000 Happiness Points to those who give it a place in their town.

Next is the UFO Crash Site, another 3×3 square item that shows a humorous scene of aliens having crash landed their UFO into boulders in the middle of a forested area of the city. It is animated with aliens who look a bit confused as to their new surroundings, and it costs 49 City Bucks to add to your town. Like the A-Co Industrial Group building, it also offers 60,000 Happiness Points to your town.

The third item is the Observatory, available for 29 City Bucks. It’s a smaller item, at 2×2 squares, and as such, it also offers a lower Happiness Point rate, at 45,000 (still nothing to scoff at).

Fourth is the Statue of Liberty, which is animated with fireworks exploding around the statue. It costs 29 City Bucks to build this 2×2 square area structure, but you’ll receive 42,000 Happiness Points if you choose to do so.

Finally, the Wishing Fountain is the cheapest of the items, at 17 City Bucks. It also offers the least amount of Happiness Points, at 25,000. It’s a decorative item, as well as a Leisure item, meaning that it will go great in any park section you happen to have set up in your city.

These items won’t be around forever – make sure to head over to the game’s page to purchase any that interest you while they’re still available.

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