New Social City Buildings: Bakery, Taipei 101 & More

Fri, Jun 25, 2010

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There’s a new round of limited edition buildings available to purchase in Social City, and since the last game update that changed the availability from three items to five, we now have more new item news to share with you.

The four buildings are the Hope Lighthouse, Taipei 101 tower, Art Museum and Bakery. All four items are leisure items, meaning that they’ll add happiness points to your town, rather than new citizens.

The Hope Lighthouse costs 24 City Bucks to purchase and provides you with 45,000 Happiness Points, the Taipei 101 costs 39 City Bucks (the increase in cost is due to the item’s large size) and offers 50,000 Happiness Points, the Art Museum is less, at 29 City Bucks, while still offering a substantial Happiness Point boost of 45,000, and finally, the Bakery costs 15 City Bucks, and rewards you with just 10,000 Happiness Points for purchasing it.

As limited edition items, these will only be available to a certain number of users. As of this writing, all four buildings are available in quantities of at least 5,400, so while your time isn’t incredibly limited, you’ll still want to keep your fellow gamer in mind when deciding when you want to head over to the game’s page to make a purchase.

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