New Social City Building: Hat Store

Tue, May 18, 2010

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To go along with your new Luxury Resort and Italian Vineyard 2 in Social City, why not complete the trio of currently available limited edition items by purchasing the new Hat Store, which is pictured alongside the former in the game’s newspaper (remember, the newspaper appears automatically when you log in, but can be accessed at any time by clicking on the newspaper icon in the bottom of the gameplay area).

As of this writing, there are a little more than 14,000 Hat Stores to go around, and they are available to purchase for 25 City Bucks. As a Leisure item, you’ll earn Happiness Points from this item – 6,000 to be exact. While that’s a fairly small number, the price is also fairly reasonable as well, at least in terms of premium items, which helps to explain that fact.

You’ll receive 243 experience points for purchasing the Hat Store, and remember, this building would go perfectly alongside your Shoe Store received for playing Big City Life. Head over to the game’s page to purchase one before they sell out.

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