New Rooms, Furniture Clearance Sale – PetVille Updates!

Thu, Aug 12, 2010

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Zynga has been pretty busy updating PetVille this week. Not only have we seen the addition of new items (including limited edition items) in the growing Midnight Crypt theme, but now, we’ve seen players being given a place to store all of those items, via a home expansion. Also, a clearance sale is taking place right now in the game’s Furniture Store that is sure to make any bargain shopper very happy.

Expand Your Home With Four More Rooms

If your home simply isn’t big enough the way it is, and you find yourself stacking items on top of others just to fit everything in, you’ll be happy to know that four new rooms are available to add to your humble abode.

In addition to the attic, the total number of indoor rooms available has grown from 12 to 16. With all of that extra space, you could create new bathrooms, new bedrooms, living rooms and more – even a second or third kitchen, so that your pet wouldn’t have to walk downstairs to make itself a midnight snack while you’re away.

What you do with these rooms is up to you, but we’re sure you can make them great!

Furniture Store Holding 40% Off Sale

If you didn’t already have enough items to outfit your four new rooms, or if you’re still working on filling the rooms you already have, Zynga is here to help you save a little virtual (and real world) cash, by offering a wide selection of items for 40% off via a clearance sale in the Living Room section of the Furniture Store.

A large portion of the sale is devoted to a wide variety of both floor model and handheld premium vacuum cleaners – those vacuums that are available for Playfish Cash. Items like the Petrolux Bagless Vacuums will now set you back just 6 Playfish Cash, while handheld models cost less, at 4 Playfish Cash.

Additionally, some wall-mounted closets, living room chairs, beds, nightstands, and even some kitchen items are also a part of the sale. If you want to turn one of your four new rooms into a bedroom, the Sophomore bed is now available for just 360 coins.

It should be noted that these items (where applicable) retain their ability to be available in multiple colors, so you can get the exact item you want. The items will be leaving the store “soon,” and while we’re not sure when exactly “soon” refers to, we do know that the items won’t be around forever. Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to make the most of these bargains while you can.

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