New Rooms, Decorations, Premium Items in Hotel City

Sat, Apr 24, 2010

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This week saw the arrival of a quite a few new items in Hotel City. You’ll find the shiny “New” label on at least one thing in almost every category. The majority of the new items in the Redecorate area are Spring themed; you’ll find butterflies for your walls, tree stump chairs, nest beds, and lots of green and pink wallpaper and flooring. There’s even an Earth Day poster for your bedroom wall. Premium items have also made their debut; these items are available for Playfish cash only, so if you participated in the release promotion and earned yourself some free Playfish cash, these items are for you. If you’ve seen any of your neighbors sporting rooms connected by vines and tree trunks, you’ve already seen Premium items at work.

And if you didn’t have enough things to spend your hard-earned coins on, there are two new decorated rooms. You can find them by selecting the hammer in the lower right hand corner called “Build”, and then selecting the middle tab for “Decorated hotel rooms.” The Pharaoh room unlocks at level 16, costs 60,000 coins and is designed to bring Egypt to your hotel in style. The Spooky room is the 3rd cheapest room on the market, at only 34,300 coins, and is rumored to be haunted. Both of these new rooms earn you 7 coins a piece, 4 more than undecorated rooms.

You can start redecorating your hotel here.

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