New Restaurant City Recipe: Zero Gravity Salad

Wed, Mar 24, 2010

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This week’s new item theme in Restaurant City will take us to outer space, with new “Out of This World” items involving aliens and the like that will definitely provide a twist on the traditional themes you may have in place in your restaurant’s layouts.

As a precursor to the item theme, a new limited-time-only dish has been released in the game. The Zero Gravity Salad is a fruit salad that will be available to unlock for more than 30 days. It requires four ingredients to learn (a coconut, pineapple, banana, and mango), but if you’ve been playing the game with any sort of regularity over the past few weeks, you’ve likely got all four of these ingredients on hand, thanks to your neighbors sending them to you from the game’s free gifts menu.

If not, prepare to receive them now, as the coriander and garlic that were once available on the page have been replaced by a reappearing mango and banana that once again sit aside the coconut and pineapple. While we may have more than a month left to learn this new dish, those who wish to master the dish to level 10 will still want to hurry over to the game’s page and start sending the newly available ingredients to friends in the hope that they’ll return the favor.

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