New Restaurant City Recipe: Hawaiian Pizza

Wed, Mar 10, 2010

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While the full “It’s time to hula!” / Hawaiian theme of items won’t hit Restaurant City until tomorrow, that hasn’t stopped developer Playfish from giving us multiple sneak peeks of what’s in store. In addition to the new ingredients found in the game’s free gifts tab (mango, coconut, banana, and pineapple), which can be used to learn the permanent Pineapple Smoothie recipe, we can also now learn an additional dish: the Hawaiian Pizza.

Unlike the Pineapple Smoothie, the Hawaiian Pizza is a timed recipe, meaning that if you haven’t learned the recipe within the time limit of, at the time of this writing, 26 days, it will be gone from you, presumably forever. The dish seems like it might be a hard one to learn, requiring four ingredients: cheese, tomato, pineapple, and pork, with the pork in that equation arguably being the most difficult ingredient to acquire.

While you have the better part of a month to add this recipe to your repertoire, it might not be a bad idea to start the ingredient trading process now, while you’ve plenty of time to butter up your friends into giving you the pork (presuming you’re not lucky enough to already have it). Head over to the game’s page to get started.

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  • alohatony

    Brandy, you’re making me hungry! That Pineapple has to be cooked just right..those sugars cook quick :)