New Restaurant City Mystery Crates Can Be Shared With Friends

Thu, Apr 22, 2010

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For those who like to take some time each day to visit and help their friends’ restaurants in Restaurant City, you’ll quickly notice a new feature that Playfish has released in the game. Now, after you help your friends by putting out fires, stopping water leaks or thieving penguins (and so on), you’ll have the chance to randomly come across a Mystery Crate.

These crates can be thought of in the same way as either the lost wallets and purses of Easter Eggs which have been found previously in the game. You’ll find a crate in your friend’s restaurant and will have the option of posting a news item directly to their wall alerting them to your discovery.

Each crate is locked and contains a pair of like items or ingredients. When you post the crate to their wall, you are inviting your friend to open it, receiving one of the items inside. If they choose to, they can return the favor by posting a news item directly to your wall, thanking you for alerting them to your discovery, and thus giving you the other half of the paired items.

So long as you have friends that don’t mind receiving posts directly on their wall, this is a great, free way to earn extra ingredients and items in the game, so make sure you visit all of your neighbors for a chance at finding these crates.

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  • Tyb Thompson

    Now to get it so it just posts to shared wall instead of all friends

  • Brandy Shaul

    If you are clicking on the button in the prompt that appears in the game, it should automatically post JUST to that friend’s wall. If that isn’t the case, click on the lock next to the publish button and you can choose to customize who sees the post – simply add your friend as the only person that can see the post and voila! Instant “private” request.

  • chrizzle

    Does anyone know why other RC players can’t post ingredient crate messages on my profile when I don’t have the RC app blocked from posting on my wall?

    I have not blocked Restaurant City, nor any specific user profiles from posting on my profile wall, yet a player told me that they were not able to post an ingredient crate massage on my wall so we both lost out on getting the ingredient :(

    I don’t think this happens for all players though since I received an ingredient crate message post on my profile just yesterday from another player.

    I have no idea what to do and other players are getting annoyed with me because they are losing out on ingredients.

  • Brandy Shaul

    Since you are receiving crate messages from some players and not others (and you say you haven’t blocked anyone from posting), it sounds as though everything is set up correctly on your end, and it’s actually something to do with the OTHER players’ accounts that is not allowing them to post. I’d ask them to make sure they haven’t added you to any sort of privacy list that would prevent them to having full access to your account.

    Also, you might try going into the your application’s settings page to make sure that you don’t have the app setup with some weird configuration that could be causing the problem.

    All else fails, you can always ask Playfish on the official forums: