New Pocket God Update is So Buggy

Thu, Apr 5, 2012

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I love Pocket God, honestly, but the new episode that Bolt Creative just released is absolutely chock-full of bugs. I thought TriplePoint clients had standards! All right, enough joking — the new episode that just came out for Pocket God, entitled “The Perfect Swarm,” is not full of software bugs, but full of flesh-eating locusts. Because, really, what’s the point of being a sadistic deity if you can’t unleash an honest-to-goodness biblical plague once in a while?

From the press release:

Available on the iTunes App Store today, Pocket God’s latest content update brings insect-riddled fun as well as a new Mondo Skin Pack to the hit iOS phenomenon.

To utilize the power of the locust swarm, players must access the temple on Apocalypse Island and feed a Pygmy to the locust queen. Impregnated with locusts, the queen’s belly will rumble and players can press it to send locusts spewing out of her tail. The swarm is immediately under the players control, able to be swiped around the screen for deadly effect.

Read more and be glad it wasn’t bees, right here.

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