New Mimichu Collectibles: Is PetVille Turning Japanese?

Wed, Apr 28, 2010

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Listen up PetVille players and pets – there is a new theme coming to town, and Zynga is celebrating with a new limited-edition gift collection. They ask, “Have you met Mimichu?”

As shown in the Mimichu icon, we can expect clothes, clocks, posters and more gifts in the coming days. Each collectible will be available for 2 days only, starting with the Mimichu Plushie. Send your friends this first gift and ask them to send one back to you before it’s gone.

According to the PetVille forum, “A brand new collection is coming soon! To get you ready for the new theme*, we’ve got new limited edition collectible gifts for you to send! Send your friends the Mimichu Plushie and ask them to send one back to you! What theme do you think is coming next?”

Mimichu looks an awful lot like Hello Kitty to me, so I’m placing my bets on a new Japanese theme. There are lots of options though – players have been busy voting in the PetVille theme survey, so we’ll see which of the options Mimichu has come in preparation for. I’ve listed the potential new themes below – which do you think the winner will be?

  • African Safari
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Japanese
  • Wedding – Brides & Grooms
  • Greek & Roman
  • Deer Mountain Lodge
  • French Rococo (Marie Antoinette era)
  • Vampires & Werewolves
  • Fairies & Pixies
  • Underwater
  • Pirates & the High Seas
  • Outer Space
  • Arabian Nights
  • Castles – Princesses & Princes
  • Pre-historic – Dinosaurs & Caves
  • Seasons (Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall)
  • Magic – Wizards & Dragons
  • Beach / Tiki
  • Victorian Era
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