New Magic Door Coming Soon to PetVille

Mon, Jul 5, 2010

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Ever since the Magic Door to Tahiki was revealed in PetVille, we’ve been able to see a second Magic Door, a roped-off door, next to it, labeled “Summer 2010.”

It appears the wait for that door to open will soon be over, as Zynga has announced that the door will let us travel to an enchanted land, with but a single screenshot to let us speculate as to where exactly this enchanted land might be.

Let’s do a bit of speculation, shall we? From the picture, we can see that the world will contain fairies and colorful creatures like caterpillars, but what’s more interesting is the fact that everything seems to have been made jumbo size; or rather, that once we enter the world, we may shrink, as we can see that the thimbles, spools of thread and pencils appear quite massive, if we are to take the screen as a literal translation of this new world.

At first blush, the world appears to take on a look like that of the Fern Gully rainforest, from the 1992 movie of the same name. In fact, the orange-haired fairy at the left side of the picture even resembles Crysta, the main fairy from Fern Gully. Coincidence? Perhaps, but for now, help us speculate what you think this new world will contain in the comments – we’d love to hear your predictions over this new world!

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