New Limited Edition FarmVille Items Celebrate California

Thu, Feb 25, 2010

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FarmVille’s newest limited edition theme of items is simply titled California. There are only four items available in the collection so far: two animals and two seeds, with the quartet of items being available for around the next week.

The two animals are the Bear Cub and the Valley Quail. Both are Farm Cash only items, setting you back 22 or 16 Farm Cash, respectively. Both animals are harvestable every two days. The bear can be sold for 110 coins, while the quail will earn you 80 coins. Additionally, both animals can be purchased and sent to friends.

The two seeds come in the form of White Grapes and Golden Poppies (the Poppies are unlocked at level 25).

The White Grapes can be purchased for 35 coins per square (you’ll receive 3 experience points for planting them) and are harvested in one day for 170 coins. After factoring in the plow fee (15 coins), you’re left with 120 coins of profit per square of White Grapes planted.

Lastly, the Golden Poppies can be planted for 120 coins per square and harvested after 8 hours for 200 coins a square. You earn 2 experience points for planting the poppies, and will gain 65 coins of profit per square planted. While this might seem like a lesser deal, if you take into account the poppies’ lessened growth time, if you were to plant the poppies twice or even three times in the same 24 hour period, you’d actually be able to make 130 or even 195 coins of profit in the same space that would be occupied by a single White Grape seed.

Head over to the game’s page to take a look at these new items for yourself, or to start growing some of these seeds before time runs out.

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