New Kongregate Badges: Enigmata

Thu, Jan 14, 2010

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A new featured game has been added to the Kongregate lineup, bringing four new badges with it for all your boasting-related needs. Enter Enigmata, a shoot-em-up from Kidgamez in the classic vein of Raiden, but with all the modern accoutrements, including achievements, upgrades, and special powers out the wazoo.

As with any proper space Shooter, Enigmata is light on story but heavy on bullets and explosions. Simple keyboard controls keep players dodging and blasting while scores of enemies float down the screen, unleashing energy weapons of all shape and size. The game doesn’t approach a true “bullet hell” level of difficulty, but the game’s primary difficulty comes from its size: The smallish gameplay area simply doesn’t provide all that much room to dodge. Thankfully, one’s ship can sustain plenty of abuse before defeat, and quite a few of the available special powers are dedicated to keeping the player alive, via special shields or regeneration.

Four badges, worth a whopping 80 points, are ready to be achieved. Happy hunting!

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