New Kongregate Badges: Dream World

Thu, Jan 28, 2010

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The new badges available to Kongregate players today are a little different: In order to earn the gaming network’s latest achievements, you will need to play a game called Dream World, a turn-based RPG that works very much like a Facebook game. Specifically, players will go through all of the usual RPG tropes, including fighting monsters and completing quests for more XP, skills, and equipment… but they will also be expending “energy” on each quest, which recovers over real-world time, or is replenished with Kongregate Kreds, the site’s microcurrency. Starting to sound familiar?

The similarities don’t end there — once you’ve established yourself in Dream World, you can head to the arena to fight against other players for big rewards — and there are item bonuses for referrals, and special Kreds-only premium gear up for sale. To be fair, though, Dream World does have a lot going for it, as far as level-grinding games go. There are genuine choices to be made during fights, and some puzzle-oriented encounters which do involve a lot more thinking than “click here to advance” like many social games. As mentioned, there are badges, too — four of them, worth 80 profile points.


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