New Kongregate Badges: Bowmaster Prelude

Mon, Feb 1, 2010

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Today’s unlockable achievements are for one of Kongregate’s slightly older titles — an oldie but a goodie. Bowmaster Prelude, the arrow-slinging adventure from LostVectors, challenges players to draw back their bowstrings and unleash hell on an advancing horde. That’s always a good idea, mind you, but now you can earn badges, too.

If you haven’t tried any of the Bowmaster games, you’re missing out on a lot of fun. Prelude adds a wide selection of powers to the mix, and introduces some real-time strategy elements by allowing players to send their own armies to the opposing castle. Still, at its heart, Bowmaster Prelude retains its simple yet elegant gameplay mechanic — picking an angle, setting the power, and plunging an arrow through a bad person’s head. Just watch out for your own soldiers, they’re not arrow-immune.

There are three badges to earn, worth a total of 50 points.

Aim true!

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