New Hotel City Outside Items Are Here!

Sat, May 29, 2010

Hotel City, Social

Playfish has made good on their promise and delivered the first helping of outside decorations for your hotel in Hotel City. The new decorations can be found in the Build section, all the way at the bottom, in the Ground Decorations tab. There are currently only nine items available, five of which are purchasable by Playfish Cash only. The available items are:

  • Cherry Tree A large cherry tree in full bloom for 3 Playfish Cash
  • Large Rose Bush A red rose bush in full bloom for 3 Playfish Cash
  • VIP Entrance A red velvet rope for 3 Playfish Cash
  • Lamppost Shrubbery A lamppost in the center of some nice shrubbery for 3 Playfish Cash
  • Outdoor Garden Fountain An impressive three tiered fountain for 5 Playfish Cash
  • Tree on Pavement A sculpted tree tied to a stick, available for 7,000 coins
  • White Picket Fence A length of idyllic fence, costing 12,000 coins
  • Birch Tree The large tree we first saw on the Coming Soon announcement, available for 12,000 coins
  • Barbed Wire A stretch of curled barbed wire for when you want your hotel to be more like a high security prison, available for 22,000 coins

Hopefully we will see the outdoor expand with new items soon! You can start decorating your hotel here.

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