New Hero in Castle Age: Kataan

Sat, Jun 12, 2010

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Castle Age has added a new hero to its ranks: Kataan, the fearless hunter. Kataan is available only to players who have achieved or surpassed level 120. He is equipped with a new weapon, necklace, and garments. As reported by Social Game Central, he is described as having “mighty strength” and “unrivaled skill in hand-to-hand combat.” His abilities are extra Attack and Defense on level up. Stats for his equipment are below.

The Disemboweler

  • 17 Attack
  • 12 Defense
  • +2 Attack to Kataan

Tribal Crest

  • 11 Attack
  • 9 Defense
  • +1% critical when Kataan is equipped

Hunter’s Raiments

  • 14 Attack
  • 11 Defense
  • +2 Defense to Kataan

You can play Castle Age here on Facebook.

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