New Happy Island Decorations: Benches, Sarcophagus & More

Tue, Jun 1, 2010

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Since we last spoke of new decorations in Happy Island, CrowdStar has been hard at work creating not just two or three, but a total of 14 new decorations, that, appropriately enough, are labeled as “new” in the game’s store. One is especially unique, in that it is a limited edition decoration in the form of an Egyptian Sarcophagus. It’s available to the next 11,000 or so individuals that head over to the game’s store, but only if they’re willing to spend 40 Facebook Credits ($4.00) to purchase it.

Here is a complete rundown of the other available items, including prices and unlocking levels, where applicable:

  • Ancient Temple Arch: Unlocks at level 29 and is available for 32,000 coins
  • Modern Temple Arch: Unlocks at level 29 and is available for 45,900 coins
  • Red Bench: 9,900 coins
  • Ruins Bench: Available at level 20 for 18,000 coins
  • Bench al Arab: 14,000 coins
  • Mermaid’s Rest: 8,250 coins
  • Greek Bench: 6,475 coins
  • Tiki Bench: 2,800 coins
  • Bench: 2,400 coins
  • Happy Island Flag (horizontal orientation): 800 coins
  • Hammock: 1,800 coins
  • Lookout Point: 9,400 coins
  • Cooler: 900 coins

As you can see, there’s a wide arrange of new items for your tourists to sit on, should they get tired walking around from attraction to attraction. In addition, with some of these items being rather cheap (the Cooler and the Flag, for instance), even lower level users (or those who have a hard time with saving funds) should be able to get in on the fun of customizing their island with these items.

Want to purchase any or all of them? Head over to the game’s page to start shopping!

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