New Happy Island Attractions: Two Casinos and a Ruin

Fri, May 28, 2010

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CrowdStar has released three new limited edition attractions for your shopping pleasure in Happy Island. Your tourists are sure to love (and therefore spend tons of money in) two new casinos, the Penguin Casino and the Vintage Dinar Casino, along with the Ruins of Amun.

As limited edition attractions, there are only a certain number of each remaining available in the game’s store. In terms of the Penguin Casino, a little over 8,000 users will be able to purchase the attraction for 68 Facebook Credits, or around $7. For the Vintage Dinar Casino, there are significantly less units available, at around 5,500, but only for those who are willing to pay the 79 Facebook Credits to purchase it (almost $8). Finally, the Ruins of Amun, which costs 89 Facebook Credits (almost $9) is available to the next 12,000 users who login to the game and purchase it.

The three attractions collect between 1,650 and 1,850 coins before they need to be cashed out, so any one of them will offer you a nice boost in your pocketbook, should you choose to purchase them. Head over to the game’s page to do so.

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