New Happy Aquarium Fish: Six Bar Wrasse

Thu, Mar 11, 2010

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A new fish has been added to the underwater world of Happy Aquarium, and I dare say it might be the cutest fish I’ve seen in the game to date.

The Six Bar Wrasse (named for the six vertical stripes that run the length of its body) is now available to purchase in the game’s store, but only if you’re over level 45. If you happy to be that advanced a player, you can pick one of these little cuties up for 2,750 coins. The Six Bar Wrasse reaches maturity in 32 hours, and, like every other fish in the game, can be customizes with your choice of gender and name.

To add one (or ten, if you’re anything like me) of these fish to your tank, head over to the game’s page and pick them up from the store.

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