New FishVille Fish: Scooter Dragonet Fish

Mon, May 24, 2010

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Zynga has released a new variety of fish into FishVille’s waters, but before you go rushing over to the game’s page to purchase another limited edition fish, know that this newest offering seems to be a permanent addition to the game’s store.

Zynga describes the Scooter Dragonet Fish as such on the game’s fan page: “With its gorgeous stary black and red pattern as well as its large fins this little fish will really stand out in your tanks. The Scooter Dragonet is a docile and beautiful fish with a 4 day growth cycle and high payouts.”

It costs 10 Sand Dollars to purchase, and with its slow-growth cycle, makes it a perfect fish for players who can’t log into check on their fish on a daily basis. After it grows to maturity, you can sell the fish for 3,750 coins, gaining 1,050 experience points in the process.

Want to purchase one of these fish for use in your own tank? Head over to the game’s page to start shopping.

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