New FishVille Fish: Golden Spinefoot

Thu, May 27, 2010

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Zynga seems to be increasing the frequency of new fish releases in FishVille; not that we’re complaining, mind you. A new option has been released this week, and it’s name is the Golden Spinefoot fish.

Head into the game’s store, and you’ll find that the Golden Spinefoot is actually teal, with gold being an overall accent color, rather than the dominant color of the fish. You’ll also see that the fish is 37% off, which brings the price to 5 Sand Dollars. Clicking on the fish gives you more information about it – it is a medium growth rate fish, growing to maturity in two days.

When you’re ready to sell it, you’ll gain 2200 coins for doing so, and can expect a 700 experience point bonus as well (you’ll also receive 700 experience points for purchasing the fish in the first place).

The Golden Spinefoot appears to be a permanent addition to the game’s store, in that it doesn’t contain a time limit. Even so, we’re sure that the sale on its price will only last a short while, so head over to the game’s store soon if you’d like to purchase one.

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