New FarmVille Toolbar Makes Obsessing Over Crops Even Easier

Tue, Jan 26, 2010

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The good folks at Zynga have announced a FarmVille toolbar that is so convenient, it’s scary.

The toolbar, which is available on Internet Explorer and Firefox, will allow you to access FarmVille (or other Facebook-based Zynga games like YoVille and Mafia Wars) via a single click. The biggest draw here is the ability to keep track of your crops’ growth via the toolbar, as the animation on the bar will change to alert you that your crops are ready to harvest.

Additionally, the toolbar contains a button for “Bonuses,” which when pressed, will activate your friends’ ribbon rewards and mystery egg hatches, along with helping to raise their barns, all without you having to click them individually via your friend feed over on Facebook proper.

Once you click on the button, you are taken to FarmVille’s main website where your bonus is revealed. As the toolbar registers your presence on the site, it changes yet again to offer links to send free gifts or become a fan of the game on Facebook.

The toolbar is a quick install, so if you want to be able to check your crops 24/7 without always keeping the game’s browser window open, be sure to download it here.

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  • Alexia Nielsen

    Ha, this could be very dangerous! I guess this is Zynga's way of getting around the new Facebook Dashboard which cuts down on app messages. I wondered how I was going to adopt all those lost cows now!