New FarmVille Ribbon: Baled Out

Tue, May 25, 2010

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Upon your next login to FarmVille, if you have at least 5 hay bales on your farm, you’ll be met with a new ribbon pop-up when your farm loads. The new ribbon is called “Baled Out,” and just as every other ribbon in the game, there are four steps to go through to reach the mighty Blue Ribbon stage.

For the Yellow Ribbon, you’ll need to have just 5 hay bales on your farm. You’ll receive a 25 experience point and 500 coin bonus for earning it.

For the White Ribbon, you’ll need to have 50 hay bales on your farm (we suggest stocking up on the default tan hay bale from the game’s store, as it costs just 100 coins). You’ll receive a 100 experience point bonus and 2,500 coins when earning this ribbon.

The Red Ribbon requires 100 hay bales to be placed on your farm, and you’ll receive 250 experience points and 5,000 coins for earning it.

Finally, the Blue Ribbon requires 250 hay bales, and will reward you with a whopping 1,000 experience points and 10,000 coins for earning it.

If you started from zero hay bales, and purchased nothing but the 250 tan hay bales necessary to earn the Blue Ribbon, you will have spent 25,000 coins, but will receive 18,000 coins back through the ribbon bonuses. This means that for 7,000 coins, you will be receiving 1,375 experience points, which, for new users, will likely raise you up a level in the game. This doesn’t even include the 5 experience points you earn for purchasing a single tan hay bale to begin with – which, after purchasing 250 of them, will reward you with an additional 1,250 experience points.

Head over to the FarmVille game page on Facebook to see which ribbon you “default” into earning, and to work on making your way towards the Blue Ribbon.

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