New FarmVille Japanese Items: Garden Pond, Sika Deer, & More

Thu, Jul 1, 2010

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As the title suggests, Zynga has released a new round of Japanese themed items in FarmVille. The items are found on the Animals, Buildings, and Decorations tabs of the marketplace, and show that the developer isn’t going to give up on the theme (which will be around for less than ten days, as of this writing), until the very end.

On the Animals tab of the marketplace, you’ll find the Sika Deer. It is available to purchase for 14 Farm Cash, and can be harvested from every two days. As a premium item, it can either be kept for use on your own farm, or sent to a friend as a gift.

On the Buildings tab, you’ll find just one new addition – the Tea House II. The building is also a Farm Cash item, costing 27 Farm Cash. You’ll gain 405 experience points for purchasing it, and it too can be sent to friends as a gift, if you so choose.

Finally, on the Decorations tab of the marketplace, you’ll find four new items, all of which go for coins: a Garden Pond for 50,000 coins, a Large Lamp for 40,000 coins, a Cherrywood Gate for 10,000 coins, and a decorative Lilac Tree for 8,000 coins (to be clear, this is only a decorative tree – it can not be harvested from).

Depending on the item, you have either 6 or 9 days to pick up any of these additional decorations. Make sure to head over to the game’s page to purchase any that interest you while they are still available.

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