New FarmVille Items: Dogwood Tree & Percheron Horse

Fri, Mar 19, 2010

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While the majority of new items added to FarmVille fall into some sort of theme (whether holiday related or otherwise), there are the occasional releases of items that stand alone, as is the case with two new items, the Dogwood Tree and the Percheron Horse (while, yes, the Percheron was released most likely as a nod to the current French Chateau theme of items, as it is named after the Perche valley in France, it is not labeled as a French Chateau item, and it does not have an expiration timer, so in this way, it stands alone).

To make one thing especially clear, the Dogwood Tree can’t be harvested; it’s a decorative item only, and as such, can be found in the Decorations tab of the marketplace for 4 Farm Cash. You can send the tree to friends, and you’ll earn 50 experience points when you purchase one.

The Percheron Horse, however, can be harvested, as well as placed inside the Horse Stable. It is available from the Animals tab of the marketplace for 20 Farm Cash. It can be harvested every three days, and, as a Farm Cash only item, can be sent to friends or placed on your own farm.

What do you think of the idea of decorative-only trees in FarmVille? Do you take the time to buy them if you know you’ll never receive anything in return?

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