New FarmVille Crops: Amaranth & Posole Corn

Thu, May 13, 2010

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Tired of growing the Agave and Nopales plants in FarmVille, but still want to grow something that celebrates the current Southwestern theme of items? Don’t worry, dear farmers – Zynga has released two new crops that will allow you to do just that.

The first new crop is the Amaranth, and it is available to users even under level 10, so everyone can get in on the fun of growing a Southwestern crop. It costs 22 coins to plant a single seed of Amaranth (you’ll earn a single experience point for doing so), and you’ll be able to harvest it after 16 hours for 170 coins per square. Considering its low-level availability, this is actually a pretty profitable crop, as after taking into account the plowing and growing fees, you’re left with 133 cons of profit per square every 16 hours.

The second new crop is the Posole Corn, which unlocks to users at level 24. It can be planted for 40 coins per square and harvested for 130 coins after growing for 12 hours. Like with the Amaranth, you’ll gain a single experience point for each square of the corn that you grow.

You have around 18 days to grow these two crops, but unfortunately, even though that is a long time, neither crop can be mastered. Still, it’s a great way to make a profit while still celebrating the current item them in the game, so head over to your farm if you’d like to start growing either crop.

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