New FarmVille Crop Celebrates Game’s First Birthday

Mon, Jun 21, 2010

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To celebrate FarmVile’s first birthday, Zynga has released a new crop in the game – this crop is one that you’ll have to use your imagination to plant, as you’ll be growing cupcakes. Think of them like flowers, with stems and petals, but with a yummy, colorful cupcake on top.

You’ll find the Cupcakes crop in the Seeds menu of the FarmVille marketplace. The crop takes 8 hours to grow, and can be planted for coins per square. After it grows, you can sell it for 60 coins per square, and you’ll earn 1 experience point in the process of harvesting each square.

The FarmVille Cupcakes crop will only be available to grow until July 1. This date matters more than you might think, as the Cupcakes are “masterable,” with the first level being reached at 150 squares.

Make sure to head over to the game’s page to start growing your own FarmVille cupcakes.

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