New FarmVille Animals: Valentine’s Day Pig and Cow

Thu, Feb 4, 2010

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Zynga is going whole hog for Valentine’s Day in FarmVille.

As we reported earlier today, new heart-shaped hay bales have been added to the Free Gifts page, and three new varieties of roses are now available to grow in your fields. To go along with these new additions, you can now purchase two new animals, a Hot Pink Pig, and a Pink Patch Cow.

Both are unfortunately only available for Farm Cash, with the Hot Pink Pig costing 12 Farm Cash, and the Cow 14.

Both animals are harvestable, with truffles being available to collect from the Hot Pink Pig every two days for the same reward as a regular pig: 30 coins.

However, the Pink Patch Cow goes for a higher rate than the standard Cow, giving off milk every day for a profit of 18 coins.

Additionally, if you place the Pink Patch Cow into a Dairy Farm with a bull, you have a chance of breeding a Pink Patch Calf, which can be adopted by your friends in the same way as other calf varieties.

Finally, if you wish to sell either the pig or the cow once the holiday has passed, you can do so for a return of 30 coins and 18 coins, respectively.

Hopefully this slew of Valentine’s Day items will be expanded with more decorations in the coming days, preferably ones that don’t come with a Farm Cash price tag. If that’s the case, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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