New Fairytale Decorations Add a Whimsical Touch to Restaurant City

Thu, Feb 18, 2010

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If you loved the newest Restaurant City fairytale recipes but were disappointed that you couldn’t add a magical flair to the rest of your restaurant, Playfish is set to ease your pain with the release of a slew of Fairytale themed decorations.

The decorations range from ornate tables and chairs to cloud and star patterned flooring, with items like crystals, a beanstalk, and an hourglass (among many others) each being a fairytale classic in its own right.

The tables and chairs will set you back 1600 and 1400 coins, respectively, while the decorations range in price from 400 to 4500 coins. Perhaps the best item, however, is a Magic Unicorn that costs 5 Playfish Cash. What makes it so special? It fills your restaurant with butterflies, adding a truly magical touch (hence the name) that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Let’s just hope your customers won’t mind being surrounded by insects, because this is one item that is pretty hard to pass up.

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