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Mon, Aug 30, 2010

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In the world of the internet, it’s sometimes easy to forget about the services that power just about everything we do, but also the audience that can use them. Today, we’re taking a look at the Power of Facebook for those over 50 and’s roles with several different media companies.

Facebook Serves Millions of 50+ Year Olds

It’s long been the standing point that Facebook is “just for young people or college students” but this statement is not really true any more because of the growing population of older people beginning to use the service to stay in touch with their families or long, lost friends.

Not only has Facebook been continually growing rapidly over the past few years, but much of that growth has come from those over 50. In fact, the number of Americans over 50 using social networks doubled in the last year. In April of 2009, only 22% of Americans over 50 were using social networks and now that number is closer to 42%.

If this trend continues, and it will, it wouldn’t be too far off to say that grandma could soon be kickin’ your toosh at FarmVille.’s Partner Roles

At Casual Connect, made quite the splash with its promotions and boasting about its 25 million userbase. SocialTimes was lucky enough to catch an interview with’s Managing Director of North America Owais Farooqui and discuss his role with several companies including MSN, MTV, Yahoo! and Real.

What’s interesting is that serves 25 million unique users per month, their primary focus is skill-based casual games that allow you to win real prizes, strong distribution growth, and that their primary competitors are GSN and Worldwinner. I have attached the video below so you may see for yourself:

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