New DSi XL Colors, Price Drops in Japan & U.K.

Sun, Jun 6, 2010

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Earlier this week Nintendo announced changes to the DS line in Japan, arriving on June 19th. The new DSi XL will come in three additional color choices: blue, yellow, and green. On the same day, Nintendo will be cutting retail prices for the entire active DS line: the DSi XL will drop from 20,000 yen to 18,000 yen, the DSi will drop over 20 percent to 15,000 yen, and the DS Lite will drop from 16,800 yen to a floating retail price.

The U.K.’s Official Nintendo Magazine has also confirmed a price drop coming in the U.K., although specifics have not been announced. The question on everyone’s mind is now, is a price drop coming in the United States? It seems likely, but there has been no official statement. Perhaps Nintendo is holding out to make an announcement at E3, now only two weeks away.

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