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Sat, Aug 7, 2010

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A whole slew of updates have launched in Social City, with Playdom not only adding new limited edition items to the game’s newspaper, but also relaunching the Mega Flashback Sale. The biggest update of all, however, is undoubtedly the release of a new district.

Expand to the West With a New District

If your city has been running out of room, you can now purchase an additional district within which you can place your buildings, either residential or leisure. The district is the West District, and interestingly, there are no catches associated with it. It’s a simple “purchase” transaction – if you want the District, you can have it for 200,000 coins. That’s right – no tasks to fulfill, no requests to send to friends. If you want the district, spend the coins and it’s yours, as simple as that.

For the price, you’ll receive a new 9×9 square area for your town, that can be renamed and expanded just as the other Districts can.

Still not enough room? We’ll be sure to let you know when the other districts unlock in the game.

New Limited Edition Buildings: Hockey Stadium & Trans-America Building

If you’re looking for some new items to add to your equally new district, why not take a look at the two new items available in the game’s Newspaper. The two items are the Trans-America Building and the Hockey Stadium, two large structures, each of which takes up a 3×3 square area of land.

The Trans-America Building costs 59 City Bucks to add to your town. For that price, you’ll earn an additional 64,000 Happiness Points in your town, in addition to 795 experience points as a bonus for making a purchase.

Meanwhile, the Hockey Stadium also costs 59 City Bucks, but interestingly offers slightly less Happiness Points, at 62,000 – still nothing to scoff at. The experience point bonus, however, remains that same, at 795 points.

Both of these buildings are available in quantities of over 5,700, so while they aren’t too limited as of yet, you might want to purchase the ones that interest you while you are still practically guaranteed they will be there.

Playdom Relaunches the Mega Flashback Sale

The Mega Flashback Sale has made a reappearance in the game’s newspaper. For those unfamiliar with its initial launch, it is a timed sale, each round lasting just three hours.

Due to popular demand, Playdom has brought the feature back to the game, but only for the next three days. Every three hours, the available building will switch. At the time of this writing, the Russian Cathedral is available for 49 City Bucks, as one particular example of a sale item.

According to Playdom, other previously retired items like the 1950s Diner and Taxi Depot will also be available during this sale. Make sure to keep checking back with the game’s page to make sure you don’t miss your second chance at these premium items.

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