New Car Types, Outdoor Foliage, Clothing – YoVille Updates!

Tue, Aug 31, 2010

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Quite a few new items have been released into YoVille’s stores since we last spoke – most notably, a series of four more cars for your avatar to drive around in. In addition, the outdoor, nature inspired theme has continued to expand with some truly natural items, and you can even find some outdoor themed items (among others) in the game’s clothing store.

Four New Cars Will Have You Saying “Vroom!”

If you’ve yet to purchase a car for your YoVille avatar, due to there just not being the type of car your interested in purchasing, try on these four new options for size. The first three are YoCash options, as we’ve come to expect from previously released options.

The Yellow Italian car costs 49 YoCash, while the Orange Monster truck costs 35 YoCash. Finally, the 57 Hot Red Car (think a 1957 classic car) costs 39 YoCash.

For those with a lot of friends playing the game, you can also purchase a new Red Electric Car for 20,000 coins, that is, after you’ve found 10 friends who will co-sign for you to be able to make the purchase. If you’re simply really in love with the car but don’t want to wait for friends (or don’t have 10 YoVille neighbors), you can purchase the Red Electric Car outright for 35 YoCash.

Zynga seems to be cycling through the available car options fairly quickly, so you’ll want to snag one of these as soon as possible if they interest you.

Camp Yo Hiking Items Available in Furniture Store

That’s right, the Camp Yo theme refused to quit, as Zynga has released 51 more items in the outdoor/nature-inspired theme, this time in a “Hiking” submenu.

These hiking items are as outdoor as outdoor can be, but still retain the theme’s four basic color schemes – Red, Tan, Brown and Blue. In these four colors, you can purchase Backpacks, Cone Tents, Long Tents, Pointed Tents, Sleeping Bags, and two types of Kayaks (Zynga calls them “Sittable”).

Other items include pine trees, wild flowers, Camp Yo Plushies (a park ranger, rabbit and so on), thorns, pine cones, berry bushes, tall grass patches and more – if you’ve wanted to add more personality and realism to any outdoor space you may own, this theme definitely offers you a great chance to do so.

Camping / Outdoor Clothing Now Available

If you’ve been taking part in the new camping theme in terms of adding new decorations to your home or outdoor spaces, then why not add some themed clothing to your avatar as well?

You can do just that by heading over to the game’s Clothing Store and picking up some of the new Camp Counselor uniforms. These uniforms come in lots of different color options: Red, Purple, Pink, Blue, Green and Black. From there, you can accessorize your avatar with like-colored hat, whistles, fishing rods and more.

Other items are standard accessories, like binoculars for 6 YoCash, an animated Lightning Bug Jar for 7 YoCash, or a K. Warz Guitar for 19 YoCash.

Make sure to head over to the game’s page to pick up any of the above items while they are still available.

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