New Cafe World Recipes: Angel Fruit Cake & Spicy Devil Eggs

Fri, May 28, 2010

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As we told you earlier today, the newest item theme in Cafe World is Good vs Evil, and as there are two sides to the theme, we’ve also been treated to two new recipes in the game’s menu – one for each side.

For the side of good we have the Angel Fruit Cake, which is available to cook for 900 coins (you’ll gain 12 Cafe Points for cooking it). After it cooks for 8 hours, you’ll be able to serve its 650 servings for 6 coins per serving, or 3900 coins in total. For serving the dish, you’ll receive a bonus of 190 Cafe Points.

On the side of evil, we have the Spicy Devil Eggs, which is, surprisingly a much less profitable dish. Logically speaking, one would think that both dishes would have the same (or at least similar) stats, so that one side of the theme wouldn’t receive preferential treatment, but perhaps this is Zynga’s way of saying we should be good and not bad? Either way, the Spicy Devil Eggs can be cooked for 400 coins, and you’ll receive 15 Cafe Points for doing so. After 18 hours, you’ll be able to serve the dish’s 285 servings for 5 coins per serving, or a total of 1425 coins. You’ll earn an additional 81 Cafe Points for serving the dish.

Remember, both of these dishes can also be sent in much smaller servings to your friends via the game’s free gift page. If you’d like to send some gifts, or start cooking either dish in your own cafe, head over to the game’s page on Facebook.

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