New Cafe World Recipe: Stuffed Mushrooms

Wed, May 5, 2010

Cafe World, Social

Now that you’ve added a load of cool, sleek and sophisticated modern items to your establishment in Cafe World, you’ll need an equally modern dish to cook for your patrons (after all, they can’t really feel sophisticated while eating something like mac and cheese, can they?).

To help with this, try cooking the game’s newest recipe, the Stuffed Mushrooms. Available to players level 41 and above, the Stuffed Mushroom recipe costs 1800 coins to cook, and can be served after cooking for one day. When it’s ready to serve, you can serve its 900 servings for 6 coins each, for a final total of 5400 coins – a huge sum, for a single day’s work!

If you’ve yet to reach level 41, and therefore haven’t unlocked access to this dish, head over to the Cafe World game page on Facebook to start cooking and continue your progress to that milestone!

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