New Cafe World Recipe: Mystical Pizza

Fri, Mar 19, 2010

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To go along with your newly decorated Fantasy Cafe, you can also cook a new fish to give even your patrons a magical feel when they’ve filled their bellies.

The Mystical Pizza, which is also available as a free gift (in 45 serving bunches), is unlocked to users above level 53. After spending 2300 coins, and allowing the dish to cook for 11 hours, you can serve its 110 servings for 5 coins each. This leaves you with a return of 5500 coins in total. Subtract the cooking fee and the stove cleaning fee and you’re left with a profit of 3185 coins for every 11 hours that you cook the dish, which is a fairly high figure, if you have the coins to cook the dish to begin with (presumably, most level 53+ players would).

Head over to the game’s page and start cooking this new recipe soon, in order to make the most profit possible before the item theme (potentially) expires.

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