New Cafe World Recipe: Corned Beef

Thu, Mar 11, 2010

Cafe World, Social

In addition to the new St. Patrick’s Day decorations now available in Cafe World, a new dish is now available to put your patrons into a festive mood.

The Corned Beef is a high level dish, only available to users level 51 and above. If you’re such a player, you can cook the Corned Beef for 1000 coins, and serve it to guests after it cooks for four hours. Its 450 servings go for 5 coins per serving, leaving you with a return of 2,250 coins, or a profit of 1,250 coins (not including the fee for cleaning the stove, which would bring it down to 1,235).

For just four hours of cooking time, that’s a huge figure, so be sure to start cooking it now (if it’s available to you) to maximize your profits while you can.

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