New Cafe World Recipe: Corndog

Thu, Jun 10, 2010

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As we told you earlier this morning, the newest Cafe World item theme is Toys, and as such, we’ve seen the release of a kiddie-themed new recipe in the game.

The Corndog recipe is a fairly low-level dish that cooks for 200 coins. It cooks for just an hour, at which point you’ll be able to serve its 44 servings for 9 coins each. That gives you total sale amount of 396 coins.

After you cook and serve the dish, you will have earned a total of 26 Cafe Points. While the dish may not appear to be very worthwhile, rewarding you with just 196 coins (not including the stove cleaning fee) for an hour’s work, if you cooked it in bulk, and were timely enough to come back every hour to serve the dish and start it over again, you could make some rather impressive profits.

As an example, for just five stoves cooking this dish over an eight hour period of time you’d have 7,840 coins after those eight hours, and will have earned extra Cafe Points each time you cooked and served the dish. If this sounds like an ideal setup to you, make sure to start cooking the dish soon to maximize your profits in the future.

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